How to create a clutter-free desk

A few weeks ago, I caught a YouTube video on how to hide wires and cords in an effort to create a completely "wireless" desk look. I was basically born a slob and whatever desk I've been working at for the last 25 years doing tech work has usually resembled a disaster area.

So I started following the advice in the video and I bought a few things at my local Lowes and over the course of a full day, I completely stripped away everything in my home office and painstakingly put things back one by one, with cords all tied up and hidden. The result is pretty great, and something I look forward to working at each day now and it's remaining clean weeks later.

I posted my progress that day on my Mastodon account, but I also set aside some more time to describe how anyone can approach a project like this, step by step. It's all here on the Zapier blog now, with some more before and after shots of my desk.