How many links from Google to your site?

Last summer, I setup a dual platform system, and it uses a single keyboard and mouse linked to a PC for control, but I have to keep an extra mouse on the mac to wake it up.

During a reboot of my PC today, I had five minutes of keyboardless control of my mac, using its own mouse. With as my browser start page, I figured I'd surf around as I waited for the PC and its keyboard to come back to life. In a matter of seconds, I clicked around Google, ended up at Blogger, a few clicks later I was at Evhead, and from there I was at my own site. Whoa! How'd that happen?

I went back and counted the steps:

1. From Google to the "more ยป" link
2. From the more page to Blogger
3. From Blogger to their about page
4. From the about page to the "buy us" link to Dan Gillmor's story on the Blogger/Pyra deal
5. The story links to Evhead
6. Ev's site links to an entry on my blog

Six links from to my blog. Actually, a few hours later, that post has scrolled off Evhead so I guess it's not such a short path anymore.

A minute of more clicking and I found a second path from Google to my site that used 7 links. From Blogger, to their Knowledge Base, is a link to a Wired story on Blogger Burnout, which links to which has a sidebar link to my site. While the KB link to Wired is also time-sensitive and will scroll off, I suspect from the Evhead path, you can get to almost any blog online. Actually, Ev used to have a long blogroll, so it's probably tougher now.

I'm kind of amazed I can get from Google to my site, but I'm more amazed it only took a handful of clicks (remember, since I didn't have a keyboard entry for a few minutes, this is how I discovered it). I wonder if someone could write a simple script to determine the most direct path from Google to your site.

I think I stumbled upon a new web game. How many links does it take to get to your site from (update: Kottke has an open thread here for answers)