Hey world, be more like TiVo, now!

While checking for updates using my blo.gs sidepanel (I've used blogtracker and blogrolling before too, though weblogs.com seems to be less reliable than normal lately), I noticed its keen resemblence to my TiVo's "Now Playing" list.

But I realized the weblog tools are missing an important feature when I read sippey.com this morning. He started republishing new stuff on Stating the Obvious, which he runs, but I had to read it on his site to know that.

With the advent of features like this at Technorati to tie multiple weblogs to a person, and tools like this to find similar weblogs, why can't these tools say "you may also enjoy these 5 weblogs" whenever I check for updates? If I like them, I can keep them, or next update they're gone. In this case, hopefully Sippey's other site would pop up and I'd be able to add it with a click.