Here's an idea of mine

Here's an idea of mine that I'm throwing out here, just in the off chance that it has been developed or someone is thinking of developing it: a search engine that only indexes consumer commerce sites (B2C for you jargon bingo enthusiasts out there). I wanted to price some conference badge holders (clear plastic ones that clip on your shirt or hang from a shoestring around your neck), but repeated searches at Google and Altavista for "conference badge holders for sale" came back with dozens of pages describing conference proceedings, but no one was selling anything. So if it were a B2C search engine, and you put anything in, like say "mountain bike," your results would be nothing but links to online retailers of bicycles. No brochure-ware sites, no corprate marketing sites, just people selling exactly what you're looking for. Is that really so hard to build? Please, someone make my life easier. (by the way, I did find some leads after asking jeeves "where can I buy some badge holders?)