Hard Knocked Life

I can't say I'm 100% positive it's all true stories, but the posts over at Gang Stories are absolutely riveting. I'm glad the author got out of that situation, and I hope he posts many more stories.

Although I'm just another boring kid that grew up in an all-white suburbia, at different times of my life I had some fucked up friends that liked to break shit, start fights, and basically cause havoc for no other reason than boredom. To this day I can't watch the movie Kids, since the characters remind me too much of people I hung out with from time to time. Though my own teenage stories are way, way tamer, I still can't believe some of the stupid destructive shit I did when I was 16.

Of course at my age and moving into my first house, it's only a matter of time before I'll be saying things like "goddammed, good-fer-nuthin teenagers broke my mailbox! Get off my lawn you punk kids!" Ah, just another part of life's cruel comedy.