Hanks for the memories

Earlier this week I listened to the Bullseye interview with Tom Hanks, and it's one of the best I've ever heard from host Jesse Thorn. Tom tries to keep things light and deflects Jesse's early queries with attempted goofs, but soon after, Jesse gets deep and I probably learned half a dozen things about Tom Hanks in this one interview that I've never heard before.

Then I thought about how many interviews have I heard with Tom Hanks. It's not outrageous hyperbole to say I've heard Tom Hanks talk about himself probably 100 times before. I watched Letterman religiously for 15 years. I watched Carson, then Arsenio, then over a decade of Conan. I've definitely heard Tom Hanks pitch a new movie many, many dozens of times, and he rarely reveals anything about himself personally.

Anyway, do check out the Bullseye interview, it really goes to deep places about ten minutes in and continues to the end.