I'll admit upfront I still don't quite get what Google Base is useful for. It's not a Craigslist killer to me because I'm a browser, not a searcher when I'm at Craigslist. I don't see any compelling demo apps built on it and so far it seems like an odd, loose version of the Google index with more of a products and services focus.

Still, as much as I love Naill Kennedy's hacks, his Google Base blog import instructions remind me of Snowcrash, and the Gargoyles to be more specific.

Gargoyles represent the embarrassing side of the Central Intelligence Corporation. Instead of using laptops, they wear their computers on their bodies, broken up into separate modules that hang on the waist, on the back, on the headset. They serve as human surveillance devices, recording everything that happens around them.

In Snowcrash, the Gargoyles pollute the databases with thousands and thousands of hours of nonsense. I tend to think my entire six years of blogging would be akin to that.