Google Video Search

The google video search is pretty freaking cool. You can tell they're scraping show transcripts which lots of services already have (I seem to recall something called TVeyes used to email me when the word "blog" or "metafilter" was mentioned on TV, which used to happen only once or twice a year). But they also are doing screengrabs which is really interesting, so they must be pulling down video. They even show me all the local stations near my zip code that show up in my searches. Maybe someday Google will be like a iTunes Movie Store where I can one click download programs I wanted to watch?

Anyway, here are a couple cool searches: the only blogger I could find mentions of was Nick Denton and it looks like Movable Type really was mentioned on Jeopardy and those cards weren't just photoshop mockups someone posted months ago.

Oh, and of course Lessig shows up. That guy is everywhere.