Google Docs gripe

(I posted this on Mastodon but I might as well share here in the off chance any Googlers still read blogs)

It's utterly bonkers in the year 2022 you can't embed a YouTube video directly in a Google Doc.

Each time I'm working on a draft blog post for a client I take a screenshot of a YouTube video, upload it into the draft as an image then add the YouTube URL as a comment for my editor to pick up. It's an sloppy hack and a tedious waste of time for everyone involved.

Ideally you'd see a new YouTube embed as an option in Google Doc's Insert menu. Then you'd simply paste in the YouTube URL, and it would appear in your document as a real YouTube video embed with playback/sound/etc controls and your editor could easily copy the URL you embedded into whatever content management system will ultimately be used to publish the final product.

Imagine if someone that worked at Google and used more than one product at the same time could streamline that, it doesn't seem that much of a stretch to deploy a feature like this.