Google-ability and usability can be intertwined sometimes

Lately I've been having SMTP problems in Apple's Mail client. My host requires authorization before SMTP use, and every so often I'll spend more than a few minutes writing an email that will exceed my host's timeout settings, and Mail will refuse to send the message, even after I check for new mail and attempt a resend.

So like any other problem, I go to google to solve it, but I can't find anything useful from a basic search. About the only useful link I could find in the first couple pages was the textad along the side offering a SMTP service. Then it dawned on me: Apple's program has terrible search engine usability due to the generic name that is shared by multiple uses and contexts. While I can see why Apple would call their email client "Mail" to promote simplicity on their desktop for new users, the name inhibits search engine use for information about the product.

Searches for Eudora or Entourage  along with the same criteria return more focused results, it's too bad Apple didn't give it a unique name that still made it sound obviously like an email client.