Goldsworthy kicks much ass

A few years ago, I was turned onto Andy Goldsworthy's art via this book. His works are strangely magical. Ephemeral and breathtaking, his sculptures are made with objects found in nature and look deceptively simple.

Rivers and Tides is an amazing film, following Goldsworthy on a few trips to produce commissioned projects, as well as watching him work at home. After looking at his art for years, I've only ever known them as static works, frozen forever in photographs. It was incredible to view the same works in motion, as the camera panned, zoomed, and followed them in time-lapsed sequences. For anyone that has admired his art in the past, see this movie just to experience a new dimension to his work. Another great bit of the film was seeing how much effort and the type of skills are necessary to produce his works. You get to see him struggle as much as you see him create.

He's also working with a gallery in San Francisco on his latest project. Looks like I'll have to check that out too.