Gmail's new promise

I can't believe how much flak Google is getting over gmail. Hotmail and Yahoo feature 5 or more obnoxious ads on every page view, plus advertising in each and every mail they send out, but Google creates a better version of web mail and we have state representitives introducing laws to ban the service before it even launches.

Has the whole world gone crazy?!

They've gone and updated their policy at gmail, and it boggles my mind that they even have to go to such great lengths to explain how their subtle ads aren't the new red menace.

They should introduce a new promise for gmail users. Every message that gets sent to a gmail account will result in a kitten getting petted one time. They could rival the old fishcam at Netscape, by having a big room with a kitten-petting robot showing everyone how much love the kittens are getting from the PetBot2000. And remember, no humans would be involved in the kitten petting.

Would that make things better finally?