Globalism or Nationalism, which will it be?

I finally heard an mp3 of Obama's speech that everyone raved about at the Democratic National Convention and my coworker Mike points out the main problem I had with it as well. Actually, it's a problem I have with both political parties currently.

One party acknowledges and embraces the global community, understands we are but one part of this world and it is our responsibility to act appropriately as a global citizen, but on the other hand, they would like to keep all industry in this country, control what comes from outside markets, and fight the tide of global markets.

The other party has a problem with immigration, wants to tell the UN to fuck off, and do whatever they please to mold the world into their vision of utopia, despite what others may think -- but, on the other hand, they embrace global markets and aside from a steel tariff here and a canadian wood import tax there, they would like to expand, employ, and engage the economies of the entire global community.

I just wished there was a party that cut through the positions that seem at odds with one another. I'd much prefer a platform that could be a global citizen both politically and economically, and not a place with closed borders that doesn't listen to the world, and wants to keep their economy close within their borders, but both parties come up a bit short for me.