Frustration is the word of

Frustration is the word of the week.

I'm brimming with ideas, bursting with creativity, and at the same time dealing with the exact opposite - frustrated users, pissed off writers, too-soon deadlines.

I spend about an hour and a half on a quiet train each day, reading voraciously, and my head is exploding with ideas. I get home, and lacking a high speed connection, or in fact any connection to my personal computer, I can't write down and share any of these ideas and thoughts.

I've been fairly quiet since I started in San Francisco, but soon I'll be unleashing the product of my recently hyperactive imagination. There will be new sites, new urls, new community projects, new features, new writing - the writing especially.

DSL comes in a week, and everything will be better after that, but for now, nothing but frustration.