I love documentaries and one of my favorite shows on TV is the quasi-documentary/news show Frontline on PBS. It's always been pretty good, with 2 or 3 standout shows every season, but a lot of fluff and repeats in between.

This year however, they have been absolutely on fire with great broadcasts week after week. They started with the Bush and Kerry history show, then Rumsfield's War, then The Persuaders. I have this week's special on Wal-Mart on TiVo but haven't watched and next week they're looking at the Secret History of the Credit Card.

They're hitting the airwaves with one great investigative piece after another this season and I'm really amazed they're keeping it up. They're even offering streaming versions of most of their new programs right on their website. This is public television at its best: serving the public interest and even offering the public an easy way to watch the programs they missed, online.

I'm going to make my first PBS pledge in several years for this work.