Freedom of marriage in jeopardy

As I was driving to lunch today, I noticed a teen getting into a 10 year old small Honda civic covered in snowboarding stickers, but there was one fresh new sticker that said "One Man. One Woman. Yes on 36."

Then I thought back to the eighties, back when snowboarding was just hitting the mainstream and how it caused such a ruckus in the world of skiing. Almost every ski resort banned them, citing imaginary excuses such as "they'll chop up the snow and make our runs bumpy" and other such nonsense. Snowboarders were instantly made into outcasts, weirdoes, and troublemakers as they tried unsuccessfully for years to gain acceptance. Over the years though, ski resort operators noticed that they started losing money by turning snowboarders away, and when a few resorts broke ranks and began raking in the cash, eventually most resorts complied. By the mid-90s, snowboarding was widespread, popular, and became an Olympic event. Today the number of snowboarders rivals or surpasses skiers on most mountains, and all but one or two holdouts allow them on the slopes.

Then I thought back to that teen snowboarder, getting into his car plastered with a sticker forbiding gay marriage and just how ironic it all was.