Freedom costs a buck oh five

The folks at Paramount sent me a couple tickets to Team America: World Police, which is cool in and of itself, to note that bloggers are worth getting the word out.

I was a huge fan of their South Park movie. I recall laughing at the "unkle fucka" scene for hours after I first saw it. Heck, I even liked their old movie Baseketball. But Team America was just kinda ok. Funny in parts, but dumb in other parts where the humor was totally juvenile. And while South Park featured fart jokes, at least those were funny compared to jokes about asians saying the "L" sound as "R" and jokes where the punchline was the word "fag." It's not offensive, just not funny for anyone over the age of 12.

I've heard interviews with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about this movie, and how they aimed to have it make fun of everyone, and I'd say the came close to the mark. It's not a Bush bashing movie, but it does kinda poke fun at gung ho action movies. It pokes fun at anti-war celebrities as well. Interviews also mentioned they threw the movie together in a very short period of time, and it shows in parts.

The highlight of the movie, and what saved it and made me still glad that I went were the songs. I'm a big fan of Trey Parker's goofy mock rock ballads that end up in South Park episodes and their previous movie. I'll buy the soundtrack for the glorious tunes.

The whole puppet thing never stops being a source of humor, though I kind of got over it after the first fifteen minutes.

Overall, a fairly funny movie, but it kind of feels like the script was rushed  and could have been a lot funnier.