Fray Day was fun

Fray Day was fun last night. Brad told a great story and Lance blew me away by telling possibly the funniest story ever (why is he not in (capital S) Show business?). Scott proved once again that he is far too talented and too good at being a writer, programmer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist than any mortal should be. He is not of this earth (Laurie was no slouch either). I missed a bunch of the stories (I really wanted to hear Lance Anderson, the stories on his site are great) because there were far too many people I got to talk to in the foyer and more I wanted to talk to, but didn't get a chance to hook up with (Ed? Phil? Christopher? Were you there? Say hi next time!).

If that recap sounds like a blur, it's because that's how the evening felt. After a week at Web2001, I was pretty much down in the dumps on the whole web thing. There weren't too many new ideas conveyed at the conference, the mood of the event was sullen, and there was a fairly low attendence for such a big event (though, there was free beer).

Fray Day recaptured some of the good things the web can do and reminded me that there's an upside to spending so much time and energy on personal sites: the people behind them.