For the past six months

For the past six months or so, whenever a client has noticed a CSS bug in a site in Netscape 4 browsers, I often mention before I start coding workarounds that the browser "is almost five years old" because I vaguely remember playing with the betas in early 1997. I was curious to when it was officially released, so I went ahead and ponied up some dough at Google to find out

It turns out that the official release date is rapidly approaching, as Netscape 4.0 will turn 5 years old on June 11, 2002.

I'm just throwing an idea out here, but it's probably something worth publicizing on your sites. Just this week I've spent a couple hours coding some redundant CSS to a site that passes the w3c validator, but Netscape 4 browsers refuse to inherit parent styles at various points for no reason.

Now, maybe it hasn't sunken in yet, but It's been FIVE YEARS since the browser was released and it's still a pain the ass to work with today. I know there have been user upgrade drives at glassdog and the webstandards project, but maybe it's time to do this again? I know the Mozilla party is the next day, I should probably talk to the organizers about perhaps burning an effigy of the 4.0 browser to celebrate the 1.0 release of Mozilla.