For the first time in

For the first time in about four weeks, I drove to work today. I started riding my bike last month, and am greatly enjoying it. It's about four miles each way, takes 15-20 minutes to get to work, 20-30 minutes to get home (slightly uphill and usually in a strong headwind), and I get a good workout. According to my bike computer, in the last month I've riden over 165 miles, averaging just under 13 miles an hour while on my bike, with an all time top speed of 36.5 miles per hour (there's a downhill on Market Street that's a great rush at this speed).

Today however, I feel like a lump of lard for driving, and to add insult to injury, it took over 35 minutes to drive to work, park, and walk to my office. A usual drive to work takes about 20 minutes, which is about the same as a bike ride, so I'm only averaging 13 miles an hour in my car, which seems unbelievable and downright pathetic.

Tomorrow, I'm back on my bike.