Feeling nostalgic tonight, I wandered

Feeling nostalgic tonight, I wandered over to Craig Mitchell's Myboot for the first time in a year or so. I see that there's a chapter of She Hates My Futon I haven't read before, but I can't remember what was going on in the story when I left off in chapter 22. It's sad to see it sit unfinished to this day, as it was just a chapter or two away from completion back when he was working on it.

Reading the story back in 1999, it was one of the first moments I realized that maybe the web could really give old media a run for its money, creatively speaking. I remember sitting down and reading chapters 1 through 22 in one day, over the course of several hours. The story's pretty much a 20-something, generation x tale of love lost and found. It reminded me a lot of Chasing Amy, and I'm surprised it hasn't been turned into some sort of screenplay by now.