Extremely tiny Wordpress improvement idea

At Slack, we had an internal channel designed for posting small good ideas from employees as well as any we spotted on twitter from Slack users. Software engineers at the company would hang out in the channel and start a discussion thread on the viability of implementing any of them they liked, and frequently if something was determined to be just a couple hours of work, they often got added to the product within a day.

Along those lines, as I'm blogging more these days I'm in Wordpress more often and the other day I got a "your stats are booming" notification so I checked my stats page.

The number one referrer was Twitter, but if you click on the link in your stats, it just leads to the front page of Twitter.com. Granted, some of these inbound visitors could be coming from my user profile page, but wouldn't it be nice to know if it was from tweets?

My tiny suggested fix is to change the URL in the Twitter referral stats to this:

https://twitter.com/search?q=url:{wordpress url}&src=typed_query&f=live

For my own blog here, this is the link to any tweets that mention my URL or any post from it, sorted by most recent first. There aren't a lot, so many users might find a zero condition, but you also are likely to catch a mention you didn't find on twitter itself (if someone doesn't at-mention you, you'll never know). Still, I think it'd be an improvement over what is there.