Evolve! Mutate! Specialize!

The internet is relatively young and the web is even younger, barely getting to ten years of popular usage.

It's fun to watch it age though. I remember when Match.com was the only dating service and no one thought they'd ever last or figure out a way to make money. Apparently they did as it seems a formerly foreign concept like "I met her on the internet" is increasingly normal among my friends. Also worth noting is the extreme specialization taking place in the space, here's a random sample of specific dating communities: Liberal Hearts. Indian Dating. Equestrian Singles.

Equestrian Singles?! You mean to tell me there are enough single people both male and female all around the country that own horses and are looking for that special someone to support a venture like this? That there are enough to support at least two more of these?!

I always knew one of the powerful aspects of the internet was that it could allow people with very specific and unique tastes to join up and eventually form larger groups spread throughout the world. But I didn't think it'd work so well or so fast that in less than ten years a dating scene would blossom online to the point at which it took three full sites to connect all the people that owned a horse and were looking to date. Like I said, it's fun to watch it age.