Everything is a Remix is great

The other day Kirby Ferguson's Everything is a Remix magnum opus showed up in my recommendations and I imagine the uploaded file has a name like everything-is-a-remix_final_final_v25_no_really_finally.mp4 and even though I've watched half a dozen of his short videos and backed his kickstarters over the last 10-12 years, I watched the whole final version in one sitting and I have to say it is incredibly concise, well argued, entertaining, and all around totally fantastic. It's the kind of quality you only get from someone obsessively going after a story for a decade and refining things all along the way. It's also updated to include lots of 2023 topics and sources like TikTok and AI generated images and I have to say I'm impressed that Kirby and Nora pushed this over the finish line. It's a work to be proud of, and a great documentary that I highly recommend everyone watch.

UPDATE: unfortunately it appears the video was taken down (likely due to copyright claims) but the full transcript is available on the Everything is a Remix site.