Every weekend, I grab the

Every weekend, I grab the remote, fire up the TV and watch my favorite TiVoed shows of the past week. I skim through most shows I missed, but lately there's one show I'm dying to see new episodes from.

This Old House.

I know, it sounds stupid, but when you can automatically tape an entire season, you can get into the story. The current season is covering an apartment building restoration on Bunker Hill, in Boston. I've followed the owners' (a young couple) trials and tribulations with city permitting, project budgeting, and scheduling work crews for the past two or three months. Each week there is some source of suspense, as deadlines change or the weather rears its ugly head, and each week the crew seems to barely squeak by under budget and within their due dates. There are only one or two episodes left, and I can't wait to see how the place turns out.

I'm emotionally invested in a home improvement show. There is drama, intrigue, and suspense, and I prefer it over any show written by teams of gifted writers. I am neither a home owner, nor a home improvement type of person, yet I love This Old House. Silly but true.