Ever since someone pointed it

Ever since someone pointed it out to me, I've been a steady user of iTunes' streaming radio stations. My favorites are found under the Public and Jazz categories. Under Public, there's KCRW, my favorite Southern California NPR station, but I must admit, unless NPR is playing music or I am doing nothing at my computer, I can't work and listen to talk, so I only listen to KCRW sporadically. My favorite station in the entire iTunes listings is the KAOS stream from Evergreen State College. Any time of day I check in, they're playing something I've never heard but it's almost always good, and tends towards what you'd expect, college rock. I'm really impressed with the playlists at JazzRadio out of Berlin. Always top notch; classics mixed with new stuff and with few interruptions. An added plus is hearing station identification and what was just played in German, which to me sounds a lot like "blah, ind dah, zie Charles Mingus, blah, der blah und, blah Herbie Hancock, und, blah der, blah."

I was happy to see none of the stations I follow have gone away due to preliminary CARP findings. I guess as long they stay away from RIAA/ASCAP/BMI artists, the stations will survive, though I'm surprised to see colleges still supporting online streams.