Ever since Mystery Science Theater

Ever since Mystery Science Theater 3000 started playing on the Sci-Fi network on Saturday mornings (ack! from 6am-8am), I've never caught the show. I haven't seen it since it was taken off Comedy Central ages ago, actually. But today I got to finally see it again, thanks to my new TiVo.

I noticed that in the two days I've had TiVo running, I've watched more TV than I normally watch in a month. But it was good stuff (Simpsons, Northern Exposure, various extreme sports shows, mst3k), so it's not too bad. I really hope the suggestions feature gets better though. Since I gave the simpsons three thumbs up, the unit records anything remotely resembling comedy. I have no idea why can't it tell the difference between the smart humor of the simpsons, and the utter stupidity of Chevy Chase movies (Vegas Vacation?! No thanks, TiVo), and the three stooges (I've never watched the three stooges for more than 30 seconds), but I'm sure it takes time.