eBay my ride

It's not entirely surprising to see cars from the show Pimp My Ride being sold on eBay for cash. I think this newest one makes it five or six of the featured cars that have been sold.

The show's premise is kind of flimsy: kids in SoCal in rough situations get a crazy $30k car makeover that is supposed to change their life for the better. Speaking as someone that once owned a highly customized car in Southern California, they're more trouble than they're worth, making you constantly worried about them getting stolen or broken into.

When you hear about the kids on the show, it's most often money problems, and having a playstation in your dash doesn't quite solve that, though they frequently point to improving these kids' self-esteem as some sort of benefit making the show worth it. So many end up on eBay, which will probably help these people out, so I guess the ends justify the means and we get some entertaining television out of it.