earth to t-mobile, come in t-mobile

I've been looking at getting a t-mobile sidekick for a few months, and when meg pointed out they are basically free, I figured why not do it today? However, I found out along the way that cell phone companies are their same old moronic selves, no matter what they change their company's name to.

Right now I have an overpriced, poor quality SprintPCS plan that covers two phones. The second phone is only ten bucks more a month, and shares the original phone's minutes. I looked around the t-mobile site for something similar, but the only related thing is their family plan, but that doesn't include data.

I called t-mobile, saying I was in the market for a new sidekick, was ready to place an order, but was interested in getting a second phone to share the plan with. I explained the confusion over family plans and data. The first guy I was connected to didn't know the current pricing and transferred me to someone that cut me off. A second call back got me someone else that wasn't aware of any way to share the plan with another phone and suggested "if you wanted a second phone, you'd need to get another plan." Here I am, with cash in hand, asking if I can have more than one phone that works within their rate schedule, and sadly the answer is "we can't help you."

It's as if no one at t-mobile ever dreamed that a customer might be part of a family that has more than one member, and might want to get a second phone at a resonable price to share the plan. Perhaps the sidekicks are marketed to single people in their 20s for this reason.