Disneyland and California Adventure

For the last few years, the week before Labor Day is my daughter's last week of summer vacation and we often travel together (just the two of us) before school starts. This week, we're in LA and after Universal Studios and LACMA, at the last moment we decided to spend a couple days in the Disney parks.

It was hot today but fun, and we did almost everything we wanted to do, thanks to the MaxPass system. Only bummer is on off-peak days like this week, a lot of good rides are closed or being refurbished in time for busier holiday periods. We still ended up going from about 8am to well past closing at 10pm.

The new Pirates ride revamp was interesting in that the scenes don't make a ton of sense. They've removed a couple Johnny Depps thanks to him being a terrible abuser, but just kept the one last one, and changed the auction to chickens with a woman leading the auction. They still have the chase sequences that follow with mostly women chasing men, but I missed the connection to the auction that preceded it. The ride could have a cohesive story but it would take a full revamp.