Did Google Chrome just kill bookmarklets?

Screenshot 2018-09-05 10.08.47

Yesterday, Google released the new version 69.0 of their browser, with a revamped UI. After the initial shock of the new look passed, I've noticed in the last 24hrs that under two profiles, on multiple sites, I can't get bookmarklets to drag to the browser bookmark bar. Above is a screenshot of me trying to drag the Instapaper one up to the bar, to no avail.

I can drag the bookmarklet into the address bar, but not make an instant bookmark for it, and instead have to hand-edit an existing bookmark to add the bookmarklet javascript as the address for it to work.

Is this an oversight or a design decision or a bug? I can't find any mention of bookmarklets in the most recent release notes.

UPDATE: a friend with a mac can add bookmarklets. I apparently still can't even after a restart. So probably a bug on my end, but still endlessly frustrating!