Derek made me post this :)

The latest Fray story is a Halloween treat.

Everyone had that maladjusted kid that lived nearby growing up. For me, it was Marty, a kid that lived down the street. We were friends for a year or two, and I used to love hanging out at his mom's bakery to get free cookies and playing at the arcade next door. But he had a dark side: he was always a bit of a spaz and into GI Joe toys. By the time I hit 5th grade or so, I was growing out of them while he suddenly grew serious about them. I remember during 6th grade I stopped talking to him because he became obsessed with World War II history, communism, and building pipe bombs for fun. It was all he talked about, and he started wearing a military beret to school everyday. His other favorite pasttime was shooting neighborhood cats with a bb gun.