Debate reactions

I was going to write up my reaction to the debates here, but I noticed I already touched on all the major points in these three posts at MetaFilter.

Overall, I think Kerry did well and won by a nose, though both held up and didn't make any huge gaffes. I'm happy to see the repetitious talking point tactic that Bush used over and over again to make Kerry into an indecisive candidate backfired for the most part. For me the most enlightening thing was hearing Kerry actually articulate his points. Until now I've been firmly in the "not Bush" camp and wasn't too hot on Kerry as the choice, but this was one of the first times I've actually heard him lay out some details and I was happy to hear his stances on issues.

After the debate, as CSPAN swept their cameras through the crowds, I saw John McCain there and it reminded me that even though I disagree with McCain on many issues, I would have probably voted for him over either Kerry or Bush this year. Maybe even back in 2000. He's always been good natured, has integrity by the truckload, and doesn't seem to toe his party's line. God I hope that guy runs in 2008. It just might be my first republican presidental vote.