Dear Overhaulin

There's a show on TV called Overhaulin' that is basically like trading spaces, except with cars, and if you search for the title, for one reason or another this blog post comes up first in the results.

If you've been reading lots of blogs in the past year or so, you might have noticed that sometimes people searching the web mistake a blog post about a subject for the actual subject. Someone makes a post about Prince, and you see a comment that starts out "Dear Prince" and in all sincerity, people believe they are talking to the subject of the post.

That Overhaulin blog post is the best example I've seen yet. Dozens of people convinced they are speaking directly to someone involved with the show, and it even includes AN ALL CAPS GUY LEAVING A COMMENT.

It seems obvious to all us that have seen weblogs before, the original post clearly is someone commenting on a TV show. But my guess is that regular folks see Google as an internet appliance, and when you put in "overhaulin" you will get the right site as the first result and if that site asks for comments, it must be the show, right?