Dear Apple...

Now that you'll be running Apple hardware on x86 chips, please use this change to bring down the costs of your hardware significantly. The mac mini was a huge hit for one reason: price. Now that you'll be saving hundreds of dollars on chips getting them from Intel instead of Motorola (and getting them at much faster speeds), please pass the savings onto us and you'll watch your market share continue to rebound.

In other words, don't let us get into the situation where $799 Apple 20" cinema displays have the exact same hardware as Dell 20" monitors that recently sold for $398.

Also, I figure it's just a matter of hours after the first intel-mac rolls off the line before we realize exactly what keeps us from running OS X on any cheap PC. I suspect whatever hardware or software dongle limits this will be thwarted the same day.

Anyway, I think it's great news, I just hope it means cheaper, faster macs.