Day in the life blogs

Someone on MetaFilter pointed to this blog by a new San Diego cop and though they say he was formerly a bit of a power hungry campus security cop at UCSD, I can't help but enjoy following along in his daily entries.

Early on when I started blogging, the one thing I loved reading about was people from different walks of life and in different professions. Basically when blogging started every single person doing it was a web designer, so when you saw a blog by anyone else, it was novel.

Back in 2000, I wanted to start a bunch of blogs done by folks in all sorts of regular jobs, called something like "Day in the Life" blogs. The idea was that if you could get a cop, doctor, chef, lawyer, car mechanic, dentist, accountant, and others to blog, you could have a rich, engaging, living archive of what it's like to be in various types of work. The goal was to have this group of blogs available for teens to read, to help them answer the elusive question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" which everyone seemed to pester me with when I was 14.

The rub is that you need to find a dozen really interesting people and good writers in all those walks of life to participate, and they all need to have the time and motivation to contribute to the project, despite their likely active lives. As we near 2005, however, I bet you could just build up a blogroll that could effectively become the project, based on blogs that have launched since then (for instance, this would be the Policeman blog).