David "pretension" Carson

In many ways, I consider myself a designer and an artist, but I can still laugh at the ridiculousness of some artists. I like David Carson's books, I really do, but everything the guy does on the web is sub-par. Today I got a periodic email update from his site (I subscribed years ago so I could catch his talks in my area).

The email (all in lowercase, of course, with zero details) had a line that said "san francisco state university march 3" among other dates. The email doesn't include a URL leading to any of his sites. His main site has nothing resembling a mention of the SF talk. If you click around on the mystery "navigation" at the bottom, none of the popups seem to carry his upcoming talks or provide any details about them. His other sites are mentioned in the nooks and crannies of his main site. The .org site and the .net site have that air of 1995 pretension that says "my work is a gift and you must find my information behind my pieces instead of me coming right out and showing it to you, or providing a clear path."