Creating (and remembering) crazy hard passwords

I've got several levels of passwords I use, high security, medium, and low, depending on what I need it for (amazon? high. gmail? medium. a random bulletin board? low.). So I'm constantly having to make new ones up and make them good.

Lifehacker has a simple tip to making a good password that involves intertwining two words into one, but the best tip I ever got was from Rusty at kuro5hin.

Think of a classic song. Now write down the first letter of each word in the chorus. At one time, I had a super high security password that was something like "1itlntyed2cbaba1." That stood for

"One is the lonliest number that you'll ever do. Two...can be as bad as one..."

I replaced numbers mentioned in the song with number signs in my password for extra l33t-ness. It was super easy to remember this nearly impossible thing, because I could just sing it and write it down.