Crap I love: the Napoleon pocket

In the past few months, I've become the proud owner of two jackets with a new-to-me feature called the Napoleon pocket. Obviously, it's named after the dude and his famous pose of having one hand halfway obscured into his clothing and it's becoming more common on hiking and cycling jackets.

In traveling around I've quickly come to love my Napoleon pocket jackets to death mostly because it's the perfect place to stash an iPhone/iPod for the following reasons:

  • If you stash one in the pocket and then wrap half of your headphone cord around your device, there's a perfect amount of headphone cord sticking out, but not so much that it gets stuck in everything. You can put on and take off messenger bags, you can fall asleep in an airplane seat, and you can stand in a super crowded subway car without ever getting tangled up in a huge cord.
  • Stashing in a normal pant pocket risks scratches from change and keys, but up high it's usually alone
  • The small chest pocket is a perfect size for an iPhone/iPod
  • With the iPhone button on the cord, you can just stash the phone into your pocket and forget about it, pausing and advancing music with the cord control

I've also found the pocket handy when getting to an airport or grabbing a rental car because it's a great temporary pocket you won't forget about and that you can quickly find again without having to dig through other stuff. I don't know what I'm going to do this summer when it's too warm to wear a jacket as I'm getting daily use out of this feature.