Cozying up to JT

For me personally, one mark of a good writer is their ability to describe a world I know nothing about, and do so in a way that is so interesting I want to find out more. Susan Orlean springs to mind as an expert at doing this, and many writers at Harpers and The New Yorker can do similar things.

I've never heard a single Justin Timberlake song (perhaps as background music in a store -- maybe) and had no interest in changing that. He's a boyband superstar that sings mindless pap, right? But after reading Anil's review of his recent NYC show I seeked it out and gave it a listen.

JT's stuff isn't bad at all, in fact I'm amazed how much it sounds like honest to goodness R&B and nothing like what I thought it would sound like. Thanks Anil, I never would have given this a listen otherwise.