Covid, week 2

Good news: after 5 days of Paxlovid, my positive tests faded to nothing, so the worst is already over as I'm no longer contagious (also, thankfully no one else in my house caught it). It's my second week of rest and so far I just feel generally tired and not into doing much, and the small projects I am doing around the house leave me sweating like a pig. I got a pretty mild case, but I'm looking forward to new boosters coming out in the next month or two and I'm gonna chill for the remainder of the month before I go back to multi-mile long walks and harder bike rides I was doing before I got sick.

Something else worth mentioning: I bought one of these highly rated $40 water bottles after seeing it on the video above and I have to say it's a legitimately great water bottle. It's about the size of a normal bike water bottle, is insulated and keeps things cold, but the way it draws in air makes drinking water out of it fast and easy. All you do is tip it over your mouth and water comes flying out. All during my week of downtime with covid I kept one by my side and I probably drank 10 bottles of water each day thanks to this device. It's now permanently in my car's cupholder because you can drink water while driving without having to push a button or even look down, you just tilt and drink. It's a bit too heavy to use on my fast bikes, but it's definitely my new favorite water bottle for general hydration when I'm out and about.