Conversations I'll someday have with my daughter that will make little to no sense to her no matter how much I try to explain

"I remember the day we got cable"

"I remember the day I finally got broadband internet"

"The Safety Dance was the first 45 single I bought"

"My brother got one of the first CD players on our block"

"I owned many, many cassingles"

"For ten years, I watched a 19" TV from across a large room"

"I remember the Tears for Fears CD costing almost $20"

"My first cellphone charged you money just for keeping it turned on"

"I once delivered bundled newspapers as a kid, on my bike, and later in college, using my car"

"There was a time when you couldn't buy music digitally from any record label, but you could download it or convert your existing music for free"

"When I was 11, our phones had cords and you had to put them onto this device, then tell your Commodore computer to call Compuserve, and it was basically just a crappy text-based encyclopedia and a private message system"