Conversation over lunch: "That guy

Conversation over lunch:
"That guy that does the cinnamon challenges has one up about saltine crackers."

"What's so crazy about that? I can eat a ton of those"

"I think the most anyone did in a minute was eight."

"Eight?! Is that all? I know I can do ten in a minute. A minute's a long time. I'll bet you five bucks I can do it."

"You're on."

And another tale of monkey-see, monkey-do (or jackass see, jackass do, as the case may be). I didn't get my ten eaten, but I did get six down in a minute. I was surprised, I thought it'd be easier than it was, especially since every dentist I've had has told me about my superhuman saliva glands. I thought it'd be a walk in the park, anyone can sit down and eat a box, right?

Once you start eating a bunch of saltines, you're not only parched, but you've instantly got a ball of paste in your mouth that takes lots of chewing to injest. Every cracker that follows the first is more difficult to eat and takes longer. Your mouth also gets rather torn up, like eating a bowl of captain crunch. After trying hard and failing, I think it would take quite a bit of practice to pull off 8-10 in a minute. And always go with multiple crackers at once, the one-at-a-time people didn't get very far.

Some photos from the Mule Design space, including our own saltine stunt.