Collaboration in the what now?

Calendar: Wednesday, Jan. 26, through Sunday, Jan. 30 - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Metamedia Cooperation - An experience in sharing and collaboration, celebrating the connections between creative solutions in art, science and community; event includes art installations featuring the works of Dhira Lawrence, Mark Henson, Nemo, Carey Thompson, Roman Villagrana and others, multimedia video presentations on Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons and remixed works by the Theurgic Seed Cooperative and others, visuals by Dreamer John; hosted by Jair, 5 p.m., Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, 110 W. Broadway. $5. (344-3482)

Odd, I hadn't heard about this, but it's in my own backyard so I'll go. I can't tell if Larry will be there or if it's just a video of him. Probably a video -- we're talking about Eugene, Oregon of all places. :)