Cheap string LEDs: not bad at all!

lights strung through my backyard

These days, pretty much every bar or restaurant with outdoor seating has some string lights set up for mood lighting, and though I've always liked the look of them, in the past they've tended to be kinda expensive for a long string of them. But with cheap LEDs becoming increasingly prevalent, they're getting cheaper and cheaper.

I recently picked up a 100-foot long string of lights on Amazon for $57 and they've really transformed my backyard. You never know what you're gonna get when you buy something cheap but so far they work great, plus they shipped with 4-5 extra bulbs that came in handy when I accidentally broke one of the hundred lights.

For warm nights in Summer, we've now got our backyard deck lit up as well as a gravel path to a second deck at the end of the yard after stringing the lights among the rafters then through the trees.