Scarring Party west coast tour

Over on MetaFilter Music, I've fallen for a band doing sort of old timey pirate shanty stuff called The Scarring Party. They recently threw a Kickstarter fund drive for their upcoming west coast tour, and I went so far as to donate at the level where they had to write a song about me.

Here are their upcoming tour dates:

  • April 22 at Empty Sea Studios (All Ages) with Erin Jorgensen in Seattle, WA
  • April 23 at Alberta Street Pub in Portland, OR
  • April 24 at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, OR
  • April 25 at Rainshadow (All Ages) with Deadly Gallows and Stabracadabra in Reno, NV
  • April 26 at Disco Volante in Oakland, CA
  • April 27 at Viracocha with Eliza Rickman in San Francisco, CA
  • April 28 at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA
  • April 29 at a yet to be determined space or residence in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • April 30 at Park Gallery with Martian Horses and Birds Ate My Face in San Diego, CA

Even though I only go out about once every six months to a concert/event, I actually have tickets to Donald Glover doing comedy the same night as their Portland date so I'll sadly be missing them in town (though I might try to catch them before/after), but if you get the chance do check them out.

Here's my song, Head Full of Birds they wrote for me:

03 Head Full of Birds

Duchess Suit Ordered

An item from my own 75 year plan is to someday get a custom suit made. After hearing about a cool local outfit called Duchess Clothier from Messrs. Sasser and Hodgman, I decided to finally mark it off my list. Most of their catalog includes a lot of 1920s-1940s cuts but I ended up choosing something similar to the suit pictured here, in a medium grey with some custom silk lining. I didn't intend from the start to go for Mad Men Extra, but it might end up looking that way when it's done in a few weeks.

Anyway, the highs and lows:

High: My shoulders are apparently ideal and I got to skip shoulder pads entirely. I had no idea.

Low: I've lost weight and inches from my body and I was dismayed to find out after fitting back into size 34 pants for the first time in many years, my waist measured at 37 1/2. Unbeknownst to me, Men's clothing sizes have gone through the same sort of size inflation that Women's clothing have gone through. Three and a half inches below your actual size is the current norm for waistband sizes in Men's clothing.

Planning to attend the MeFi party in Portland, July 14th?

For MetaFilter‘s 8th anniversary, we’re throwing a party at Ground Kontrol (511 NW Couch St.), a bar/80s arcade in downtown Portland. It’ll be from 7pm until 2am on Saturday, July 14th. It is strictly 21 and over because there will be free drinks (roughly 5 free drinks per person, $1.50-$2 per drink after we run out the tab) and games will also be on free play mode. The venue can accommodate about 100 people so I need to do a head count beforehand (at this point I’m not sure if 50 people or 500 are actually coming).

The party is open to any and all current members and you can bring one guest if you want. Please mark “Yes” if you’ve made plans and would like to attend, “Maybe” if you’re not sure yet. If you can’t make it, no worries, feel free to ignore this. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the 14th!

RSVP here