Friends of CC score big at the Oscars

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Florian and Lara, originally uploaded by mathowie.

Lessig noted this last month, but there were two friends of Creative Commons at the Oscars tonight and I’m happy to see they both won (best documentary, best foreign film). Above is a shot of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and his daughter that I took when they visited the Creative Commons offices in 2004. It was nice to see Christiane again, sitting next to him in the crowd.

Creative Commons Fund Drive 2006

Lessig kicked off the annual Creative Commons Funding Drive today and I’ve added a button to this site and kicked in $100 (mostly to get the t-shirt). I’m almost at the one year mark since I left CC but I still love and support the work they’re doing. Lessig’s letter describes the insane growth over the past four years — I’m really proud to have been a part of that and I’m happy to see it continue to flourish.

If you’ve enjoyed the free music and photos, maybe think about kicking in a few bucks as well.