CARP is quickly killing

CARP is quickly killing online radio, but there is an upside.

You are free to play any non-RIAA artists on an internet radio station without having to pay any royalties (provided you have some sort of agreement with them, that the music artists are ok with it). I had toyed with the idea of creating an online clearinghouse for unsigned bands that want the promotion of online airplay on niche streams. People running net radio streams could go there and pick out artists and music for their shows, and artists could add themselves to the database with additional info on where you could see them play or how you could buy their own CDs. Think of it as a sort of for the people, by the people.

If successful, it could help speed the death of the RIAA. If enough people could stream non-RIAA music, and enough listeners could buy self-published music, there wouldn't be a need for the RIAA control freaks to touch music. We could route around the damage they cause fairly easily and promote a new way of conducting online music business on our collective terms instead of theirs.

I even found a good, available domain for it: