Caroline wishes outloud for

Caroline wishes outloud for an automatic <A NAME="target"> command in blogger (after seeing jason add the graphic to his site), which is something I've also wanted for some time. When I brought it up to Ev and pb this past weekend, they showed me that it's already in blogger and has been for a while.

How to make automatic targets in Blogger

There's a lesser known tag called <$BlogItemNumber$> which represents the exact ID of each Blogger post. So, I opened up my blog's Template and right after my <$BlogDateHeader$> is closed, I put in the following:

<a name="<$BlogItemNumber$>"></a>

then at the footer of each post, I placed a link pointed at "#<$BlogItemNumber$>", that looks like this:

<a href="#<$BlogItemNumber$>">link to this post</a>

Easy, huh? After saving my template file, I regenerated my archives, and now all my blogger posts have this feature.