Can you go from MT to Flickr?

You can post from Flickr to a MT blog, and you can make your Flickr photosets show up on your blog, but does anyone know of a way to use Flickr as a mirror to a MT photoblog?

Ever since I got a pro account at Flickr, my storage and upload limits are essentially gone, and it'd be nice to have every photo I post to my Ten Years site also post to Flickr with the same data (I even use my keywords field to do the same thing as tags). If I ever lose my server's hard drive, I could always publish from Flickr in a pinch.

And if they someday support photo printing, it'd be an automated way of using Flickr as a virtual storefront for images. So you view my daily photo on my site, and if you want to buy one, a Flickr print-n-pay site would be one click away.